About the Wedding Agency

makes the
Dream work

We are a team of creative and passionate event planners who are absolutely in love with Georgia!
We want to share with you our experience, deep knowledge about wedding locations, special diversities of the menu, the latest decorations and flower`s concepts. 
Georgia gives us amazing opportunities for any dream wedding: snowy mountains and pure lakes, seaside and forest, Provance style chateaus and luxury SPA hotels...
Choose your style and let us make your dream true...


The small details

On this day every detail should be just perfect. 
Enjoy your sincere love and let us care about everything else.

Do you need recommendations about where to rent a wedding dress or shoes? Let us know and we will recommend the best place for it!

Where to spend your honeymoon in Georgia? What restaurant to choose for the celebration? Where to find a dry cleaning for your wedding dress? So many details and so many questions in your head these days! No worries! You always can rely on us!

Our team

Valeria - Wedding planner


The person, who will be with you from the very first request till getting wedding photos. She will answer all your questions, she will take care of all the details, she will help to make your celebration unforgettable. 


"My couples are my friends. How can it be in the other way? We are sharing the most touchable and sincere day of their lives. I need to know that their memories from that day, in our lovely Georgia, will be just perfect!"


Victoria - Project Stylist

Our main expert in beauty and design. She will create your wedding conception from the bridal dress to wedding invitations.

Your wedding look will be perfect with Victoria. 


"Whenever I'm creating the look for my bride, I try to feel her dreams, but I`m not creating someone else. I just let them express their own natural beauty."

Ana - Wedding coordinator

The most passionate team member, optimistic and punctual Tatiana will be your right hand at the wedding. She knows how to solve every single problem, how to manage with guests, how to fix your hair and how to make you feel absolutely relaxed!

"The wedding is a world. Little things are important, more than you can imagine. I love to help this world save its rules, schedule, and happiness!"

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Mariam - SMM manager and copywriter

Only Mariam can talk about Georgia with such love and trepidation! In her talented hands, words become poetry, allowing us to reach out to your hearts and reveal all the secrets of the wedding organization!

Mariam loves her home country, but grew up abroad, so she is proficient in three languages!
Also, Mariam believes that optimism and care for loved ones is the most valuable thing that we should share with each other!