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About the Wedding Agency

We are a team of creative and passionate event planners who are absolutely in love with Georgia!
We want to share with you our experience, deep knowledge about wedding locations, special diversities of the menu, the latest decorations and flower`s concepts. 
Georgia gives us amazing opportunities for any dream wedding: snowy mountains and pure lakes, seaside and forest, Provance style chateaus and luxury SPA hotels...
Choose your style and let us make your dream true...

Talk to the Planner

How we will meet you? First from congratulations! Because you are so lucky to find your soulmate and so wise to consider Georgia as your wedding destination! Then we will suggest you to talk more, we will listen to your dreams and share our extensive experience in the wedding planning industry. What we enjoy about Georgia the most is the diversity of wedding location, we will tell you about our TOP venues and special characteristics of them. You should know about the different climate zones in Georgia, about different regions and Georgian landscapes, about welcoming hotels, chateaus, wineries! We appreciate your time and will suggest you only selected and highly recommended wedding professionals. With our care, you will get married in Georgia without any stress!

Our team

Valeria - Chief Wedding planner


The person, who will be with you from the very first request till getting wedding photos. She will answer all your questions, she will take care of all the details, she will help to make your celebration unforgettable. 


"My couples are my friends. How can it be in the other way? We are sharing the most touchable and sincere day of their lives. I need to know that their memories from that day, in our lovely Georgia, will be just perfect!"


Daria - Technical Director

Daria is the heart of WG team! 
Experienced stage director, DJ and producer, she worked in Russia, Vietnam, UAE, France, and Georgia creating large-scale events. Trusting Daria your event, you can be confident not only in the perfect service and creative vision, but you're getting also the source of ideas and inspiration and just a good friend who is always on your side!

Ana - Wedding coordinator

The most passionate team member, optimistic and punctual Ana will be your right hand at the wedding. She knows how to solve every single problem, how to manage with guests, how to fix your hair and how to make you feel absolutely relaxed!

"The wedding is a world. Little things are important, more than you can imagine. I love to help this world save its rules, schedule, and happiness!"


Elena - SMM manager and copywriter

Elena can talk about Georgia with such love and trepidation! In her talented hands, words become poetry, allowing us to reach out to your hearts and reveal the wedding organization's secrets!

Elena is a multilingual professional writer who brings inspiration to our social media and blog!
Also, Elena believes that optimism and care for loved ones is the most valuable thing that we should share with each other!

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