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Jaky & Malik

From the first message till the main day in my life… everything was just perfect!

Prompt replies, flexibility, excellent service and very warm attitude!

Special thanks to Ms. Valeria and her team to arrange all the documents in advance, we landed in Georgia Sunday early morning at around 3:30am and guess what? got Married at 11:30am same day wooow

Valeria knows her job very well we are very grateful to her & WG team

Whosoever reading this review and looking for a Wedding planner in Georgia I would advise to you stop searching anymore don’t waste your time for searching just contact to Ms. Valeria you will never disappoint to choose WG “Guaranteed”.

couple review wedding in georgia

Nahla & Mohammed

Valeria was an amazing host. She made sure that everything was on line and organized on the day of our wedding. We informed her a day prior to our arrival but she still managed to sort things out. It was supposed to be a 2 working day wait but she managed to give us all of our documents same day. 5 out of 5 quality of service.

couple review wedding in georgia

Diana & Jomar

We would like to thank our team at WG: Wedding in Georgia specially to Ms. Valeria in organizing our papers and in the overall program of our winter wonderland wedding. They were very kind, responsive, friendly, very accommodating, very creative, and they were easy to talk to about our concerns even after our wedding was over, they were still there to answer. Even though it's the last minute and we have an idea to add, they didn't refuse because they want to make that day memorable for us. It is very difficult to plan a wedding in another country but because of them our ideas became possible and everything was very smooth "stress free". Even there were problems encountered due to the bad weather, they made sure that we could still do our dream wedding with their alternative plans. Regarding our marriage contract they gave it immediately after the day of our wedding. 100% legit wedding agency.

snowy wedding in Georgia
couple review wedding in georgia

Gemela & Jose

Our wedding was done with a very tight schedule. WG still delivered beyond expectations even with the limited time we’ve had. From make up, to wedding day, to the photo - super high quality pictures! Valeria and team were very accommodating, friendly, and super reliable. Nothing I can say more. Simply the best! I highly recommend WG!

Myles & Legee

We are extremely happy with the very smooth process of our wedding in Georgia with the help of the beautiful ladies from WG: Wedding in Georgia, Valeria and Bella. Thank you so much for assisting us from day 1 until we have received our wedding certificate. You made it so much easier and stress free! Definitely recommended!

couple review wedding in georgia

Farren & Sebastian

Valeria is an absolute pleasure to deal with. After our wedding got cancelled she helped me make the arrangements to get married in Georgia and the process was so easy and convenient. She made it truly effortless. We received our attested documents within 2 weeks.

Thank you for all your hard work! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get married in Georgia.

couple review wedding in georgia

Louie & Raquel

Please know that to say I am pleased with your service is an understatement. Valeria is a very professional and amazing planner and definitely worth referring to other would-be couples.

I like how Valeria laid out all the details and options available to us, like flowers, dresses, add-ons, etc and let us decide which ones we like. She is also very detailed with the costs breakdown and there were no hidden charges. Full disclosure. Full transparency.

Advice for other couples: go book with Valeria. She is very awesome, kind, polite, organized, well-connected with 3rd party vendors, etc. Stay away from those who will give you very vague information and calculations. You’d want someone who’ll put everything on the table and let you decide. No hidden charges, no surprises.

Their platform is very user-friendly. I am so delighted I came across their website at a time I was really stressed out trying to start planning my wedding. They solved my problem!

Thank you so much. I’ll definitely refer you to my friends who are planning to get married.

See you again, Valeria!!!!

wedding in public service hall
Gudauri wedding
Raizza & Miguel

Thank you to Valeria and Tatiana for all the help with our wedding! They did a fabulous job they were at the venue as early as the expected time of the meeting. I and my husband were satisfied with the service that they provided to us. We only stayed in Georgia for a limited time, but they are so professional especially Valeria she did all her best to assist us beyond her limit. Valeria is so helpful she will provide some suggestions for you depending on what type of wedding do you prefer. 
At first, I was hesitant on purchasing a service thru online, but I was wrong the moment that we got our marriage certificate we were so happy, I would like to recommend their site. 100% legit for those couples that wants to get married. The services that they offer is affordable and worth it. Thank you again for making our special day one that we will always fondly remember!

Maria & Evgeniy

Lera, thank you for helping us arrange our little Georgian wedding 😌

Firstly, thanks for the promptness, because we contacted less than two weeks before the proposed wedding. Secondly, for always being in touch and quickly answering all questions (when you are in touch with Georgia, this is a very rare case)
Regarding marriage registration in Russia, I think this is important for many doubters. In Moscow, we did not have any difficulties with changing the surname and recognizing the marriage. 2 weeks after registration, I received a marriage certificate through a courier, apostilled and translated into Russian. No procrastination and questions. If someone is still thinking about a wedding in Georgia, do not hesitate! Everything will be easy and fun, without unnecessary officialdom and the way you want it. As for Lera, I can say that she is very responsible and decent. And this is that exceptional case (one might say unique), when, concluding an agreement at a distance, you can not worry about money and the result.

I highly recommend it!

marriage registration georgia tbilisi
wedding in ambassador kachereti
Muayaed & Sabreena

Honestly, I don’t have enough words to thank all the team who made sure to present the best and wonderful moment marriage I have ever had with my love ❤️ and I don’t forget the most important member which planned for everything and was certainly perfect and wonderful thank you for everything dear Valeria Krivtsova 🌹😍😍

Dawn & Raffy  Jay

If you’re looking for an agency for your wedding in Georgia, then you’ve come to the right place. Special mention to Valeriia for all 20 fb pages I messaged for inquiries, Valeriia was very responsive and very clear on explaining the packages. Price-wise, She also was very willing to help extensively as to our comfortable stay in Georgia. The transaction was very smooth and transparent, even for the follow-ups, she never missed any message to reply. The wedding was very smooth and we actually didn’t do anything throughout the wedding but to enjoy every minute of it. We didn’t worry about anything even after the wedding for the documentations. Thanks, Valeriia for making everything and as making it as perfect as possible. My husband and I can guarantee it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ and thanks to the previous couple Ms. Rai for clarifying all our worries and for all the answered questions.💕💕

wedding hall georgia
chronicles of georgia
Paul & Rita

We had a great time during our wedding in Georgia. With the help of Valeriia, everything is smooth and simple. She is very professional and happy to be with! Valeriia and Viktoria (MUAH artist) did a great job for our wedding. we highly recommend Wedding in Georgia!!! thank you so much Valeriia for being part of our happiest and memorable day in Tbilisi ❤ for us its a ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Paul & Joyce

Big thanks for Valeria and WG team our wedding took place at chateaux Mukhrani with the help of you wonderful people all was according to the plan we highly recommend WG especially Valeria for taking care of all our needs professionally and smoothly Thanks again for being part of our special day 😘😘 - Paul, the Groom

We attended my sister’s wedding in Georgia planned and organized by Valeria from WG and I can say with no exaggeration that it was the Dream Wedding. 

Evth was beautiful, exquisite, well organized from A to Z. I highly recommend them, in particular, Valeria who made sure that this big day went unforgettable. You can check Joyce and Paul's wedding on WG social platforms. 5 stars ✨ 
- Aline, Bride's sister

chateau mukhrani wedding
Kvareli lake photo session
Julia & Victor

Valeria is a highly professional and responsible specialist. No matter the distance she will find the best solution for every your request. She feels the couple and proposes the best way of celebrating such a special day you've ever dared to imagine. Thank you for being so attentive, accurate and creative, you made our day 🙏✨

Daria & Ivan

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Valeria for organizing such an amazing day! It was a great pleasure to work with her from the beginning! Everything was carefully planned by her and went according to the plan! We have received documents in a very short period of time, which was also great!

Old Tbilisi wedding
wedding in rooms kazbegi
Nadia & Edgar

I would like to express my gratitude to Wedding in Georgia with all my heart! Valeria, you were with us all day from early morning, held such a wonderful ceremony for us in the mountains, introduced us to local traditions better, we could not even imagine how great it would be! Thank you so much for your help in preparing for our wedding in Georgia, for recommending a wonderful restaurant in Tbilisi! Valeria, thank you! ♥ ️ Great happiness that we found you!

Leah & Troy

Thank you to Valeria and her amazing team for making everything possible and stress-free! She was so easy to talk to and made everything perfect by planning every thing even with short notice and all through Whatsapp conversations All we literally had to do was fly there and show up - she took care of everything so we got to enjoy our time in Georgia She'll make you feel like you've known each other forever the moment you meet. Thank you again to everyone!

Lisi lake picnic
tbilisi love story photo
Rhea & Petrica

I highly recommend this wedding planner, Valeria and the team was amazing, Victoria I love the way she did my make up and my hair. So happy to meet them. The photoshoot me and my partner not good for posing but we try our best. Thanks a lot team WG WEDDING IN GEOGIA

Jamie & Inah

Organising an international wedding during a pandemic is no easy feat but Valeria and her team were fantastic and very responsive with an attention to detail. They were flexible with our changing plans and were able to accommodate to our every need. My wife was also ecstatic with the result of the makeup and hair from the professional makeup artists. All in all, they put us at ease and organised a brilliant and smooth wedding ceremony at a great price, I would recommend their service to anyone looking to marry in Georgia. Thanks again

bridal bouquet tbilisi
Mtskheta wedding ceremony
Natal& Helmut

I am so excited to write this review as we just got married in Tbilisi! I am from Belarus but my husband is from Latvia and we both wanted a small wedding away from everyone like somewhere at the beach or other beautiful place. We were thinking about Italy, found some nice places that we liked but suddenly my husband just told me - hey! lets get married in Georgia! I was surprised but excited at the same time as we both love spontaneous ideas. But why Georgia? We both had never been there the only thing we knew were many good feedbacks from our friends about fantastic food and nice people there. We really decided to do this way but we had no idea how to manage these things. I just searched on google about weddings in Georgia, found some beautiful places and few companies offering wedding organization but there were still more questions than answers. I just started to call these companies and since the first seconds of my conversation with Valeria i felt that she's the right person! We talked a lot and she gave us a feeling that we can trust her. We started to organize everything and during this process Valeria really let us feel that everything is under control and that organization of our big day is in the right hands. There were just 6 weeks between our decision about wedding in Georgia and our wedding date. It was really enough but the time ran fast and on 3rd of August we arrived to Tbilisi. On next day Valeria arrived to our house with her team to meet us for the first time. It was the same feeling as on our first phone call - she is the right person!!! She and her team- ... I can't even find the right words to describe! - fantastic people, real professionals and all our last little worries were gone. All the things were organized perfect and we were completely relaxed. We became a good friends and can't wait to go back to Georgia.

If you think about wedding in Georgia - just contact Weddingingeorgia!!! You can be sure - Valeria with her team will make your day! The same as she did for us!

With Love from Nataly and Helmut!

 Abudaker & Terrence

It was really nice having the whole team. They are well coordinated, patient and care about their clients. We had a last minute change of dates and they went out of their ways to accommodate our request. The make up artist Natasha is really professional and managed to work on our very small hotel. Photographer is also really kind and patient with us. The whole team is great and I really recommend them

wedding in georgia
justice house of georgia
Leslie & Phill

Valeria and her team with Wedding in Georgia are fantastic. WG is the only wedding planning company I contacted and I felt no need to look further because Valeria was so responsive and kind. We had a fantastic wedding day. Everything was on time as planned, we felt very well cared for and had a beautiful, stress-free experience. This allowed us to focus on each other, and to treasure the special moment. Georgia is a lovely country, with friendly people and FANTASTIC food. We hope to return one day! Special thanks to Valeria and team for making it all possible and so enjoyable.

Shubho Deep

Valeria, who is the proprietor is very friendly and helpful with explaining the details and offering to clients what best suits their needs. We had spoken to a few other agencies and decided on WG as we liked what they had to offer and were impressed by the feedback we received. I can easily give them my best recommendations.

wedding in Mtskheta
Kvareli lake wedding
Jeraldine & Wen

We had an amazing experience in georgia , our wedding planner valeria was very flexible and professional she attended all our needs , the team exceeded our expectations. Our photographers and videographers knew exactly what shots we wanted and what storyline we requested. It was memorable and happy experience . Kudos to the team!

 Phelline & Juseppe

I would like to thank Ms. Valeriia and the team. The makeup artist, photographer and videographer accomplished an excellent spectacular job in making our wedding so special. They were very organized ,our wedding planner Ms. Valeriia was very professional and made every moment of our wedding a memorable one. You are an absolutely amazing wedding coordinator. You're professional, poised and gracious at all times. Thank you so much for being there for us from start to finish. I truly recommend WG Company. You delivered so well and accomplished an excellent job, we are one happy clients.

marriage in georgia
Oleg &  Elena
marriage in georgia

Мои незнакомые жених и невеста.

Если вы пришли на эту страницу.

Это означает только одно.

Вы ищете подарок к бракосочетанию предназначенный только для вас двоих? И вы оба хотите, чтобы этот подарок запомнился на всю вашу жизнь? Приезжайте, приплывайте или прилетайте в Тбилиси. И вы попадете в руки удивительной женщины. Имя ее Валерия. Ее улыбка будет вашим путеводителем в течении всех сказочных дней до, во время и после вашего бракосочетания. Валерия излучает доброту и проницательность.В ее глазах вы прочитаете душевное тепло,открытость и безупречную честность.Ее негромкий голос будет вас обвораживать на пути к заветному обряду регистрации вашего единения.И у вас не будет ни малейшего сомнения в том что вы задумали, будет выполнено как взмахом волшебной палочки.Это все талант Валерии!!Вы будете окружены атмосферой праздника и теплом ее души.

Поверьте нам,Елене и Олегу, которые прилетели в этот чудесный город Тбилиси с двух разных континентов чтобы окунуться в обвораживающую атмосеферу доверия и праздника, которую нам подарила волшебница Валерия.

You can find more Testimonials on our FB Page
Eva & Pablo

We want to thank you Wedding in Georgia, especially Valeria for making sure that our big day will be perfect, as we have planned. From the first email contact the service provided was excellent, professional, legal assistance with marriage certificate, bride hair and make up, photos and all other requests were arranged and fulfilled as agreed.

On our big day, we have had the nicest ceremony that you could imagine.

We recommend Wedding in Georgia, because they have made our special moment perfect and to remember.

tbilisi wedding
Claudy & Jerry
kazbegi wedding

Valeria is a gem!

Thanks to her for the stress-free and successful wedding. She is very much a professional wedding planner. Valeria is always a message away and very responsive. She made sure the details we asked her was met. We got married in October and everything went well. Despite the fact that her hands are full, our dream of a simple but memorable wedding was perfect and a 6 nights stay was well-organized. The team WG is experienced. The make up artist Victoria is confident on what she is doing.The photographer Michael is patient and made sure we are comfortable during the photo session, same with Alex who does the video. Nina, the assistant who was with us in the mountain ceremony was friendly. David is a good driver. He is very polite and knowledgable of some places so it was like a mini tour. Plus he is also good at taking pictures. It was all great. Guys, it is worth every penny!

If you want your dream wedding to come true, we highly recommend Valeria.

Thank you very much WG team! We appreciated everything.

Charmain &  Mohammad

I really tend to overthink things and it was a bit stressful to look for a really good wedding coordinator who would be able to take care of things for us. As i was starting to look for coordinators and have spoken to quite a few but only Valeria with WG: Wedding in Georgia gave me the reassurance that everything will go well and that they will take care of everything. She replies promptly (which i really liked about her) and she’ll clear all the doubts and questions that you have! After booking WG, I didn’t feel the stress of anything at all! I really felt that we were in good hands and communication was always there. When we reached Georgia they briefed us about the schedule. Fast-forward to the wedding day, everything was amazing. From the makeup which i really loved! The places they took us for the photos! And the photographer was also fun to work with (and the photos were amaziiing!) not to mention that since we had to rush back to Qatar after the wedding they were able to process the documents for us and we were able to take it along with us like what more can i ask for?? I was really happy and proud of myself that i decided to go with them! Overall they gave us a really good experience! I only have nothing but good things to say about them! And i have started recommending them to my friends. So do not doubt! Book WG: Wedding in Georgia IMMEDIATELY!! You will not regret it! Valeria is such an amazing person to work with! Thank you so much Valeria! You and your team are really good with what you are doing! More powers to WG!

outdoor official ceremony

Kudos to Val and her team for organizing our fairy tale -like wedding! It was an amazing experience! Val is very responsive and hands on to her clients, making sure that your needs and request is her top priority! If you are looking for a stress and worry free wedding organizer/planner this team is highly recommended!

wedding in caucasus mountains
Rax Gutierrez

Kudos to Val and her team for organizing our fairy tale -like wedding! It was an amazing experience! Val is very responsive and hands on to her clients, making sure that your needs and request is her top priority! If you are looking for a stress and worry free wedding organizer/planner this team is highly recommended!

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