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Church wedding in the mountains

from 2000$

Church Wedding in the Mountains

What could be more sacred than a wedding? It is the process of merging two pure hearts in front of God. We propose to hold this sacrament in the mountains where ancient temples are located literally on the slopes. The mighty snow-capped mountains will make the moment of your wedding eternal.


For additional information and discussion of all details, send us a request, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

religious wedding georgia


1. Holy Trinity Church in Kazbegi (Gergeti)

Church of the Holy Trinity (Gergeti), located at 2170 meters above sea level. Many poets and writers have been inspired by this one of the most revered temples in Georgia. The Church of the Holy Trinity was built in the 14th century. It is a unique monument of history and architecture. Getting married here is a deep spiritual experience that will make this day even more touching and heartfelt.

2. Church in Zion

On the very mountain ledge is the ancient Temple of Zion. It was built in the 6th century, it has a basilica shape what is unique for Georgia. You won`t find a more picturesque corner in the Terek Valley! Isn't this the perfect place for such a special day?

The wedding here will remain not only in your hearts but also in the history of Georgia.


  • organization of a wedding

  • wedding coordinator on the wedding day

  • witnesses

  • church ceremony 

  • donation

  • church marriage certificate in Georgian

  • makeup and hairstyle for the bride

  • professional photographer for 5 hours (photo session at the hotel, filming of the ceremony, love story in 2-3 locations)

  • the bride's bouquet

  • transfer for the whole day for a couple


  • Drone videographer (Full HD clip) + $ 700

  • Excursion program - from $ 200

  • Wedding dinner for guests - from $ 60 per person

  • Accommodation at the hotel - on request.

    Entertainment for dinner:

  • Georgian choir singing $ 700

  • DJ + rental of sound equipment $720

  • Wedding host $ 1000

  • Fireworks $ 300

  • Cover band with sound equipment $ 2800

  • Georgian national dances $ 600

If you have any questions about locations and services
please drop us a message

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