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Arabic wedding in Georgia: synthesis of cultures and celebration of love

A wedding ceremony in Georgia is not just an exchange of vows between two people in love. It is a celebration that lasts several days and is a fusion of various customs. Georgians are known for their hospitality, and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to showcase this precious aspect of their culture. In the article, we will talk about an exciting celebration that united two cultures – an Arabic wedding in Georgia.

Georgia has become a popular destination for Arabic weddings in recent years. Because here the combination of the beauty of Georgian nature, rich cultural heritage, and hospitality of the local population is magically created. Arabic weddings in Georgia have become a symbol of understanding between such different ethnic groups.

An Arabic wedding in Georgia is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines the traditions and customs of both cultures. Of course, it is not so easy to organize an authentic national event here. Therefore, Wedding in Georgia offers an adapted format while maintaining the main elements and traditions that are important to you.

At an Arabic wedding in Georgia, you can see the comfortable coexistence of two religions: Islam and Orthodoxy. Georgia is an Orthodox country, but it is maximally open and tolerant of other beliefs. You can choose to follow your customs more or less strictly, we will support you anyway!

The official part, the emotional vows of the bride and groom, and at the end, a generous feast with traditional Georgian and Oriental cuisine, music, and dance – just imagine what a fantastic event it will turn out to be! Your guests will love it!

We are aware of the existence of integral parts of the Arabic wedding tradition and will try to organize some of them for you. For example, Henna Night is a very beautiful pre-wedding ritual of painting the hands and feet of the bride with intricate patterns. "Katb al-Kitab", which means "marriage contract". "Mahr" or dowry, when the groom presents the bride with gifts or money as a symbol of his commitment and responsibility. The wedding ceremony can be held in a luxury hotel, in nature in the mountains, or in the expanses of Georgian vineyards. There are plenty of places in Sakartvelo for this. We will select it for you, and you will love it!

Arabic weddings are known for their colorfulness and luxury. And if you integrate Georgian elements into this holiday: dances, music, and delicious cuisine, then the wedding will acquire a special charm and allow guests to enjoy a variety of customs. This is the personification of the spirit of tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect between different cultures and beliefs. And a perfect example of how wedding traditions can become a symbol of unity and love, overcoming borders and differences.

Important! Residents of the UAE and Qatar do not need a visa to enter Georgia. This further simplifies the procedure for registering a marriage and organizing a wedding ceremony.

Organization of Nikah in the mosque is also a feasible task for our wedding organizers! As well as registration of civil marriage at the House of Justice. So you will receive both confirmation of a religious marriage and a legal one. We also take care of all official registration and legalization (including attestation by the Embassy)!

So forget about stress and force majeure! We will solve all the issues. Just contact us 😉

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