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Conditions for registering marriage in Georgia for foreign citizens

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

If you are faced with the complexity and length of the procedure for registering a marriage and collecting documents in your country, do not despair, Georgia is your chance to get married quickly, simply and inexpensively, and receive a marriage certificate that is legal all over the world!

But what do you need to know when registering a marriage in Georgia? Let's turn to the country's Civil Code to answer this question.

Definition of marriage.

Marriage is a voluntary union of a man and a woman for the purpose of creating a family, registered in the territorial service of a legal entity of public law operating under the management of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia - the Agency for the Development of Public Services (hereinafter referred to as the territorial service of the Agency).

Only such a marriage is considered official in Georgia; a religious marriage has no legal force.

2. Conditions for marriage. To get married you must:

a) reaching the age of marriage (marriage is allowed from the age of eighteen);

b) consent of the persons entering into marriage.

3. Who is prohibited from registering a marriage in Georgia?

Marriage is not permitted between:

a) persons, at least one of whom is already married to another person;

b) relatives in a direct ascending or descending line;

c) biological and non-biological brothers and sisters;

d) adoptive parent and adopted child.

Please note that in order to register a marriage in Georgia, you need to be single and not married in any other country; polygamy is not allowed in Georgia. Also, marriage of people of the same sex is not allowed. Make sure your documents contain the relevant information.

Documents required for foreign citizens to register a marriage in Georgia.

To register a marriage, you must present the following documents:

- Joint written statement of the persons entering into marriage,

- Identity cards of persons entering into marriage,

- Receipt for payment of services,

- Identity cards of witnesses,

- Certificate of divorce, if any.

As you can see, the list is not complicated, but there are nuances. The most important thing is that all documents must be submitted in Georgian language. For passports, a notarized translation is sufficient. For divorce documents (this can be a court decision or a divorce certificate), a legalization procedure is required, which depends on the country in which the document was issued.

Please note that translating documents from both Russian and English into Georgian is a very careful process, because the Georgian alphabet does not contain many letters familiar to the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. Alas, often these nuances emerge only when the marriage certificate is translated back into Russian or Georgian. Correcting these inaccuracies and errors after the certificate is issued is not an easy or quick procedure. Therefore, we advise you to be vigilant from the very beginning.

Better yet, seek the help of a professional translator and lawyer. This way you will have a guarantee of high-quality linguistic and legal expertise.

The last question, which became very popular last years is if you can register marriage in Georgia online?

Sadly, answer is negative. Good part, you'll get a chance to travel to one of the most beautiful and hospitable counties of the World!

So, let's switch to the part when you are in Tbilisi, all the documents necessary for foreign guests to officially register a marriage have been collected and you are ready to act!

What to do next, where to go, where to submit documents? What days are the registry offices and the House of Justice open? We'll tell you in our next article! To be continued!

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