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Do I need a wedding planner?

Obviously, you are on this page for a reason, but we met many couples who still have doubts if they can save the costs and do everything by themselves.

Let's have an open conversation to check the real reasons why hiring a wedding planner is a good idea.

1. Consolidated information.

We provide our clients not only with the best care and support but with many extra services such as recommendations for travel, accommodation, best health care, SPA, and beauty procedures in Georgia.

2. Trusted providers.

Unfortunately, there are many cases in Georgia where you can meet low-quality service. And we will be open with you: our blacklist is quite big too. Now we're working only with the best providers, guaranteeing you high standards and the best terms and conditions for every service ordered.

3. Reputation.

We have a full market of competitors now, who offer low prices for only one reason, they don't have any skills or experience to be properly paid for.

Many of them basically had stolen our and others' content to fill out their pages and just offered reduced prices to attract attention.

Ready to experiment with newbies to save some costs, but lose the nerves, time, and positive mood during the wedding day? The decision is only yours.

We just recommend checking the reviews, dates of establishment, portfolio, and social media of the people who you trust the main day of your life.

4. Costs saving.

You will be surprised, but by hiring a wedding planner you receive better prices compared to reaching all the providers directly, sending the prepayments, dealing with a language barrier, bank commissions, and unexpected extras.

We are getting from our trusted providers the best-discounted prices and special attention to our couples, as nothing can be more appreciated than many years of a successful partnership.

5. Last but not least. Sympathy.

Get the planner on the call, share your doubts and ideas, and ask for opinions. If it's your type of person, you will feel comfortable and safe during the whole process. If there is lateness, indifference, or lack of experience you'll get it immediately and save your time, money, and effort.

In a summary, a wedding planning agency is not an unnecessary intermediary, it's a guarantee of your beautiful, harmonious, and joyful celebration.

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