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Don't do this when preparing for your wedding!

Wedding worries and anticipation of an important day are a very exciting and joyful period in the life of every couple. But, unfortunately, you can meet stress and unexpected challenges on the way. Especially for fans of our blog, WG: Wedding in Georgia has prepared a list of undesirable points. Try to avoid them and then the path to the wedding arch will be ideal.

Putting preparation on hold.

This is one of the main mistakes. Wedding preparations (especially in the case of a destination wedding) require time and attention to detail. But there is no need to rush, choose balance. Start preparing in advance, make a step-by-step action plan, and prioritize your tasks. Then you can avoid last-minute fuss and definitely won’t miss anything important.

Wrong budget expectations.

Set a budget in advance and stick to it. Spending money unwisely can create financial difficulties in the future. Set clear priorities and allocate your budget to meet your expectations. It's best to contact a wedding planner to help you with this. After all, an experienced agency has already outlined all the nuances of preparing and holding the event and has package options for different budgets, preferences, and expectations. In tandem, you definitely won’t forget about any important expense item!

Ignoring contracts and agreements.

Always have written agreements when hiring service providers such as photographers, musicians, or restaurants. Make an advance payment officially to guarantee their responsibility and avoid misunderstandings and disagreements on your wedding day. Our wedding agency is always caring about our dear couples, that’s why conducting a contract for destination wedding services is a must for our collaboration. 

Excessive savings.

If the budget is limited, then the best solution would be to allocate it wisely, rather than choosing cheap services. A wedding hairstyle that will fall apart before the ceremony, poor-quality makeup that will harm your skin, or cheap artificial flowers in the wedding arch - your mood is not worth the savings. It would be more correct to book a holiday location closer to Tbilisi to avoid a transfer for guests; hire a professional photographer for a few hours rather than for the whole day. There is always a solution!

Trying to please all the guests.

Please remember, it's your wedding day, and you must enjoy it.  Yes, all relatives and friends should have fun, but it depends on the two of you: if you are calm, joyful, and euphoric, then everyone at your celebration will have fun. When preparing, you can listen to the wishes and recommendations of your loved ones, but don’t follow their lead because “that’s the way it should be” or “grandmother will be offended if I don’t wear her wedding dress.” You should be comfortable first of all. In each such situation, ask yourself the question: do we want this?

Wrong choice of the ceremony venue.

The location of the ceremony plays a key role in creating the atmosphere of the wedding. Choose your location carefully, taking into account not only its beauty but also guests’ convenience and budget. And please do this in advance (reference to the first point of our article)! The best wedding venues in Georgia are booked a year in advance, not a month.

Ignoring weather conditions.

While you can't control the weather, ignoring it when planning your wedding can lead to some less-than-pleasant surprises. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be aware of possible weather changes. Have a plan B in case the weather gets rainy or too hot. Remember that seasonality may decrease in the region (for example, in Batumi the ideal time for a wedding is late September and October, and spring promises the risks of prolonged rains, a winter wedding is great in Gudauri, but it is not recommended in Kazbegi, because the road is dangerous with snowfall and landslides risks).

You deserve the best celebration for your wedding day in Georgia, so save the list and don't make these mistakes. The experience of others is still valuable 🙂 Your wedding day will be bright and unforgettable, filled with happiness and love!

Please note: careful planning, open communication, and early booking are the keys to planning the wedding of your dreams.

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