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Filipino wedding in Georgia

Updated: May 31, 2023

WG has organized so many wonderful weddings for couples from all over the world! Someday we will tell you about the geography of our newlyweds, and you will be surprised. We know absolutely for sure that love has no boundaries, and that providence can connect the hearts of people even from different continents!

A Filipino wedding is a unique and colorful event that can be held anywhere in the world. Of course, Georgia is one of the TOP options. Today, this is a popular destination for Filipinos, because of the simple procedure of registering a marriage. The weather here is wonderful almost all year, and the people are hospitable and respectful to the traditions of other countries.

In the Philippines couples who want to get married are faced with difficulties because of the high cost of celebration as a traditional wedding involves several hundred to several thousand guests, and not everyone can afford such a luxury event.

Bringing your dear guests to Georgia and celebrating with the closest people in the snowy mountains or green vineyards could be an amazing and cost-saving decision!

Exhausting paperwork, which can take up to two months also complicates the process of organizing a wedding. The Islands also protect the inviolability of marriage, so it is problematic for divorced people to start a family again.

Thus, Georgia is an ideal option for official registration, a wedding ceremony, and a festive banquet. The photo shoot is a must! We highly recommend adding this item to your best day to keep wonderful moments of tenderness and love in the background of the dizzying beauties of Georgia.

The Wedding in Georgia team will do everything possible to make our Pacific guests feel at home and enjoy every minute of the celebration. We know how it is important to create a warm and hospitable atmosphere, and organically combine Georgian holiday elements, exotic for Filipinos, with their national traditions. We always make absolutely beautiful and unique weddings!

We are especially interested in learning and immersing ourselves in the traditions and rituals that are new to us. Filipino couples, for example, exchange gifts before their wedding. Most often, they give something expensive like branded bags, watches, and jewelry that their friends give them, as a love message from newlyweds to each other. It is also customary for them to present gifts to their guests.

The algorithm for obtaining a marriage certificate for guests from the Philippines in Georgia is simple. Only your passports are needed to register a marriage. At the same time, we take care of all the paperwork and apostille. The final document is recognized all over the world, the procedure is fast, simple, and inexpensive (a full wedding in Georgia costs the same as just the first stage of collecting all the necessary documents in the Philippines).

WG is your reliable consultant for holding a bright and memorable event for a lifetime! Leave a request in any way convenient for you, and we will promptly contact you❤️

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