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Let's talk about budget!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The wedding budget is the main issue that every couple faces before organizing a celebration. We recommend that you first discuss among yourselves whether you want to focus on any accent, for example, on decor, on videography, on a banquet, etc. You should also find out if you are planning anything additional that is not included in the agency's package of services. It can be a performance of any ensemble, magicians, and illusionists. After a joint discussion, you can share your wishes and expectations for the wedding budget with your wedding organizer, who will help you form a clear estimate of the celebration.

As a rule, wedding agencies have certain packages with different sets of services. Usually, the price already includes such items as your transfer from the hotel to the wedding venue, photo and video shooting, full support of the couple by the coordinator from the moment of contacting the agency until the wedding photos and all documents are received. Of course, at your request, some items may change, so that the budget becomes flexible.

If you are planning a magnificent celebration with a large number of guests with an exit ceremony, then of course your wedding budget will be replenished with such lines as accommodation of guests on the territory of the hotel and their transfer. Also, grand ceremonies require more support staff, which automatically increases costs.

We will share 3 rules that will help you plan your budget.

The first and most important rule is to talk about it! Feel free to share your wishes and restrictions with the wedding organizer. We always stand up FOR our customers and try to adapt the list of services, costs and materials to a specific budget.

The second rule, or rather, a recommendation, is to determine priorities, which aspects of the celebration are the most important for you, and which are not fundamental. For example, wedding decor is one of the most expensive, but also flexible articles, since the price varies depending on the splendor and volume of decorations, the use of only fresh flowers or a mix with high-quality artificial ones, as well as on the availability and seasonality of certain types.

The third and last rule for today is that a turnkey wedding is always more profitable. Perhaps by contacting the contractors directly, you will initially think that you will save on the services of the organizer, but at the same time remember a few important points. You will need to independently coordinate the schedule and timing, organize transfers and meals for contractors, and in the case of an off-site holiday - and accommodation. In addition, the process of negotiations, discussion of edits and changes, editing of materials falls on your shoulders, both before and after the celebration, along with responsibility for inconsistencies, delays and force majeure.

In case of cooperation with the agency, all such situations, expenses and responsibility are assumed by the agency. Speaking about the WG team, due to many years of experience, we can guarantee not only high-quality service, but also the absence of any additional, unspecified or force majeure expenses.

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