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How to get married in Georgia?

First of all, good news for all our guests and future couples! In Georgia, we have no restrictions about nationality or religion!

You are welcome to get married!

Regarding the list of documents required, they are:

- scan copies of your passports translated to Georgian and certified by a local notary,

- scan copies of the divorce documents, properly legalized for Georgia (the order of legalization depend on the country, where the documents were issued), translated to Georgian and certified by a local notary,

- scan copies of the birth certificate of your common children (if you have them), translated to Georgian and certified by a local notary,

- scan copies of your witnesses' passports, translated to Georgian and certified by a local notary.

When you will have all the documents ready, you can start the process of application.

First step - booking the appointment in the House of Justice, usually the dates are available for 1-2 weeks in advance, so if you want to book the exact date and time - keep an eye and check the availability often to catch the right time.

Important note, the site is in the Georgian language, and you will need to have a Georgian mobile number to make an appointment.

Next step - wedding date!

You should apply not later than 1 PM to receive the marriage certificate the same day.

If you apply later you will be able to collect the certificate the next day.

To apply you should go to the House of Justice and show the appointment number, go through a security check and get an assignment to the manager, who will fulfill the application form based on your documents provided.

Please, be very attentive in checking the data entered into the application, the transcription between languages could create some complications, and as all the documents there are in Georgian it will be helpful to have the translator on your side.

After checkout and signing the application, you can leave and wait for the message on your cellphone.

The message shall be received by the end of business day, 6 PM.

The message will report about the status of reviewing your application: your documents are approved or need to be clarified, improved, or completed.

If everything is successful you need to go back to the House of Justice and this time your witnesses should be with you.

The marriage certificate will be issued and you all should sign the confirmation of its receiving.

Congratulations! Now you are married! You are an owner of the marriage certificate issued in the Georgian language and recognized in Georgia.

As with all foreign documents, if you want to apply with them in a different country it should go through the legalization procedure.

This procedure may be different depending on the country.

For ex-Soviet Union countries the procedure includes only translation certified by a notary.

For all countries, who have signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, the Apostille Convention, the procedure will include official translation and apostille from the Ministry of foreign affairs.

If you will need legalization for the country which haven't signed the Apostille convention, you will need to receive the legalization stamp from the Embassy of your country in Georgia (or a neighboring country) in addition to official translation and apostille from the Ministry of foreign affairs.

With this process completed, the marriage certificate can be fully recognized in your country and used for any further goals as citizenship application, family reunion, etc.

Now you have a full guide to marriage in Georgia! And we will be happy to continue sharing our experience!

But, if you are limited in the time or prefer to have some rest and travel by the country instead of documents collection, waiting in the line, looking for the notary and translator... Welcome to explore our services page! We have a fast and easy decision to make your wedding hassle-free and stressless!

Thank you for your patience and interest!

Your soulmate wedding planner,



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