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Indian wedding in Georgia

Georgia is a multinational and hospitable country. Therefore, weddings in the traditions of other people are not uncommon here. Often, couples from India come for a hassle-free official marriage. But how can you visit Georgia and not take the opportunity to arrange a bright and incendiary holiday for your friends and relatives? Natural beauties and landscapes for every taste, a variety of cuisines, and, of course, the most caring wedding agency at your service.

A traditional Indian wedding is a multi-day event, bright and expensive, but very beautiful, memorable, and filled with deep meaning. Each state is rich in its traditions. But it is always magnificent. It's like a Bollywood movie where you are taken in by a whirlwind of colors and fun, music and songs, and amazing flowers and scents.

Should Indian traditions be combined with Georgian or European ones? You are the one who decide!

For Indian couples in love, Georgia is an exotic country. And here is what it offers to create an unforgettable wedding:

1. Cultural fusion: an Indian wedding is a ceremony made up of many rituals that reflect the centuries-old culture and religion of India. Georgia, with its rich history and culture, offers a unique opportunity to mix Indian and Georgian traditions. In Georgia, two cultures will easily unite, and your wedding will leave a strong emotional impression on all guests!

2. Amazing locations: Georgia is incredibly beautiful. With mountain peaks, fertile valleys, and amazing lakes, the country offers many impressive venues for wedding ceremonies and grand receptions. Indian weddings are known for their luxurious decorations and flamboyant outfits. And Georgia, with its picturesque landscapes, will be the perfect backdrop for creating elegant and impressive photos.

3. Georgian hospitality: Kartvelian culture is famous for its hospitality and warm attitude towards guests. Georgian cuisine, known for its delicious dishes and variety, offers wedding guests a wide range of culinary treats. Dancing and music add to the atmosphere of celebration and joy, which makes the wedding celebration even more magical.

4. Keeping traditions: for Indian couples, keeping and passing on traditions is a main part of the wedding ceremony, we know. Georgia, with its unique historical and cultural attractions, offers you the opportunity to trace your Indian tradition in a unique atmosphere. Indian rituals such as Mehandi (drawing henna on the bride's hands), Sapta-padi (seven steps around the fire), and Baramati (lifting the bride on the shoulders of the groom's brothers) can be implemented using Georgian elements, which makes the wedding special and unique.

Wedding in Georgia is happy to organize your wedding with national Indian notes. Our experienced specialists will prepare and conduct a wedding ceremony following your wishes:

  • we will provide bright decorations, and decorate the arch with Indian-style flowers;

  • Indian classical music or popular hits during the ceremony;

  • Indian sweets and other treats of your choice. There are many Indian restaurants in Georgia with excellent vegetarian dishes. You can add Georgian ones;

  • the absence of alcohol, as a tribute to tradition, is also at your discretion;

  • the services of a make-up artist, who, in addition to everything else, will apply henna patterns on the hands of the bride ("mehendi");

  • assistant coordinator for the entire ceremony;

  • photo and video shooting – of course!

Regarding the official part, we will also take care of the apostille of the marriage certificate, which will ensure the recognition of the legality of marriage in your country.

Any other wishes?

We are open to communication!

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