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It's all about... shoes!

Shoes are a very important element of a wedding image. Your comfort depends on them. Uncomfortable shoes will overshadow the whole day, so it is very important to choose shoes on which you can walk and dance all day. To begin with, of course, you should decide which color will be your shoes. You can choose classic models of light shades or unusual bright shoes. Trust your taste!

Next, we will proceed to the choice of the model of shoes themselves. It can be high-heeled shoes or shoes on a wide stable heel, platform or wedge. Do not choose shoes with a 12-centimeter heels, if you rarely wear them in everyday life. You should remember that comfort is extremely important on this day. In addition, when you choose the height of the heel, pay attention to your height and the height of your groom.

If you are planning an unusual wedding on the beach or in a free style, then you can consider more loose shoes. For example, sandals or sneakers in the style of your dress.

If you are planning a wedding shoot in Tbilisi, then be sure to stock up on a comfortable pair of shoes because there are many streets lined with paving slabs in the old part of the city. Also if your wedding takes place in the mountains, a pair of shoes with a stable heel or sneakers will definitely not hurt you!

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