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Marriage contract

Are you planning a wedding?

Do you believe that love is stronger than conflict? Unfortunately, in reality, material interests often lead to disagreements between spouses. However, this can be avoided by drawing up a marriage contract. This has become increasingly popular because it simplifies property issues and protects the family from disputes and debt surprises.

If you are getting married in Georgia, we recommend drawing up a marriage contract. We can arrange for the marriage registration and the contract registration in just one day.

A prenuptial agreement sets out the terms of the union, regulates property issues, and establishes rules in the event of a divorce. It is optional in Georgia and is signed only if a legal fixation of property obligations and protection is required.

Usually, the contract includes the following sections:

• Property division: determining which property will be considered joint and which separate.

• Financial obligations: setting rules for spending, tax issues, and family support.

• Real estate ownership: regulation of issues related to the acquisition, sale, or management of real estate.

• Child custody: establishing rules regarding the custody, upbringing, and financial support of children. This section does not provide for individual adjustments; it is clearly stated in accordance with the Civil Code of Georgia.

• Conditions of divorce: defining the procedure and conditions of divorce, including division of property.

A marriage contract is drawn up by a notary in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, taking into account the characteristics and wishes of each party. Signing a marriage contract requires your mandatory personal presence in the notary's office. The document is drawn up in Georgian. Translations into English and Russian can be provided. It is certified by a local notary, but at your request, it can also be certified with an apostille.

A marriage contract is an awkward question for many, but we assure you that transparency and trust in this matter, the absence of omissions and discrepancies on material issues is the key to harmony in future family life, especially when couples come from different cultures, religions, and traditions.

Interesting fact: in China, for many centuries, before a wedding, a “Red Treaty” was drawn up on red paper. It contained information about the dowry, but almost never defined the procedure for dividing property. It was believed that if you are thinking about divorce, then you do not need to get married. But in 2002, the Chinese Supreme Court decided that the prenuptial agreement should include clauses on the rights to income from investments of each spouse and also on intellectual property.

In our realities, not too much people still believe that a contract between spouses is a sign of mutual distrust. In fact, it is quite logical to want to resolve all important property issues in advance.

We recommend drawing up a contract in advance, paying attention to each point, and ensuring that all conditions are clear and acceptable to both parties. If needed, we can arrange a consultation to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

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