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Registry offices of Georgia

Updated: Jan 5

In Georgia, it is possible to register an official marriage both with the help of an exit ceremony and in the registry offices. They all amaze with their originality and comfort here!

Let's start with the capital's registry offices.

The most popular place for an official ceremony is the House of Justice, which is made by an Italian architect in a futuristic style. The ceremonial hall here is bright and spacious. The central location of the building is also a plus. It will be convenient for you to get to any location of your wedding photo shoot.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for the ceremony, but do not go far, you can choose a registry office on Mtatsminda. It consists of one glass room and is located in the middle of a park, surrounded by trees and flowers. By choosing this place, you will register a marriage at a bird's-eye view, while enjoying stunning views of Tbilisi. What a romance!

Tbilisi is also home to the oldest registry office in Georgia, which the locals call "Konca". Its distinctive feature is a traditional Georgian carved balcony with grapes. It is located in the old town, so you can also enjoy the main sights of the capital.

Let's move to incredible Batumi. A unique wedding palace is located here. This miniature structure is among the most unusual places for an official marriage registration ceremony in the world. It is made in the shape of a dolphin and a shell, it all depends on the angle from which you are looking. If you are planning a wedding in Batumi and cannot choose a place for an official ceremony, pay attention to this original building!

Finally, let's take a look at the Georgian Las-Vegas Sighnaghi, where you can register a marriage at any time of the day. The wedding palace is located in the heart of the city of love, surrounded by charming and cozy streets and alleys, which will be a great place for further photo shoots. You can also enjoy views of the vineyards, which Kakheti is so famous for, and the mountainous part of Georgia!

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