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Summer, Georgia, love!

Updated: May 31, 2023

Warm weather, a large selection of stylish outfits, magnificent outdoor scenery, and fresh fruits and vegetables on the festive table are all reasons to get married in the summer.

Nature at this beautiful time of the year becomes a stunning backdrop for any celebration. The flowers are bright and blooming, the greens are pleasing to the eye in different shades, and the sunny daylight and soft evening highlights allow the photographer to take many wonderful pictures. Most importantly, don't forget to treat guests with chilled drinks, ice cream, and fruit smoothies with ice, and, if possible, install fans in a marquee or under an awning if the ceremony and banquet are not indoors (restaurants are usually air-conditioned, there is nothing to worry about).

Summer is the most popular wedding season, so planning should start well in advance. It is necessary to pre-book all contractors, the venue and banquet location, and a date convenient for you. Keep in mind that this is the time of the holidays, and without a full closure of the venue, it is difficult to talk about the intimacy of your wedding due to the large number of tourists.

Our recommendation: start the summer wedding no earlier than 4 pm. At this time, the sun is not burning, and guests will feel more comfortable. But in any case, dinner and active entertainment should be protected from direct sunlight. And generally, it is better to go to the nature, where the heat is not as much as in the city. A wedding by the lake or by the sea is the best compromise!

A summer wedding is also beautiful because it can be complemented with interesting accessories and attributes. A hand fan will be a cool wedding accent. This accessory is practical and beautiful - a double function useful for guests and your wedding decor. For example, you can attach a wedding program to the hand fan with elegant twine or a beautiful ribbon. And if you take a wooden or paper fan, you can draw the program directly on it! Not only does this look creative, but it also saves you the hassle of adding separate wedding programs to your stationery list. Isn’t it a budget and environmentally-friendly decision?

To create images of the bride and groom, as well as the outfits of the guests, choose dresses and suits from light, airy, flowing fabrics: organza, silk, crepe, tulle, cotton, lace, and, of course, the most summer material is linen. Whatever your style preference, don't let the hot sun stop you from wearing the dress of your dreams. After all, many designers create their models with high temperatures in mind.

As for the banquet and treats, then focus on light meals. More vegetables, fruits, chilled drinks, and cream-free desserts. The best option for a summer wedding cake is a “naked” biscuit decorated in the style of the party. If it’s boho, let it be greens, flowers, raspberries, or strawberries. If it’s a bohemian ceremony, then consider a chocolate cake with berries. If you selected country chic, then a cake can be decorated with pine cones, berries, lavender, and white roses. Any of these confectionery designs will impress your guests.

We have more interesting and non-trivial proposals for organizing and decorating a summer wedding ceremony! To create a bohemian atmosphere, for example, you can wrap greenery garlands around the arch, create a monogrammed topiary with your initials, or hang dream catchers chasing boho vibes. The imagination of WG designers is limitless! We will listen to your wishes, use our experience and fantasy and turn your ceremony into magic that will be remembered for a long time.

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