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Wedding Budget

You have decided to get married 💞

The coveted "Yes" has already been said.


It’s time to discuss your dreams, wishes, and preferences regarding the upcoming celebration.

Traditionally, a wedding is a large-scale and money-consuming celebration. Therefore, the first thing to do is decide which amount you are free to invest in it. Based on it, you can move on: develop a concept, determine the number of guests, choose a location, and prescribe a script.

The question of the wedding budget is one of the first questions we ask a couple, and this is for a good reason. The more clearly you define the scope of your expectations, the more accurately we will be able to choose the location, style, and volume of decor, richness, or intimacy of the program. There is an ideal solution for almost any budget.

What are the mandatory expenses to remember when planning a wedding budget?

Images of the bride and groom

For a wedding abroad, these expenses include the bride's outfit, the groom's suit, wedding rings, shoes, and accessories. The item of expenditure is of the highest priority. Therefore, we recommend you keep it in mind but take it out of the overall wedding budget. There are a lot of options and brands in the wedding industry. It's complicated to save the costs on this point. Because the bride and groom are always in the spotlight, photographers and videographers will capture your images for many years, making them the brightest page in your joint history. Buying a dress or renting it is also an urgent question! But keep in mind, renting is not a cheap pleasure, because its price includes dry cleaning, dress hemming and correction by the shape, and, of course, “depreciation” of the dress. In any case, if your arrival in Georgia is planned within a limited time frame, we recommend you start looking for outfits in advance, leaving a little less fuss and worries for the pre-wedding days.

Wedding dinner

Usually, it is at least 40% of the total budget. Our hints: By choosing a venue for a wedding ceremony and a restaurant in one place, you can save both precious time and transfer costs. And if you give preference to a hall with a suitable interior style, you will need less decor. Decorators and florists will only have to emphasize the merits of the location.

Wedding show

Here the budget is the determining factor. The general mood of the holiday depends on the host and DJ, so these services are must-haves. But then there is the so-called “free program”: of course, musicians, vocalists, cover bands, dance groups, and show teams fill the celebration with a special charisma. An important point is to choose a music style and show program close to you and all guests. Often covers of popular foreign hits and folk music are a perfect choice.

Decor and floristry

In this matter, it is important to maintain the basic concept, because sometimes even minimalistic decor and seasonal flowers, selected with a taste, are more interesting than large-scale and bulky designs. The key thing to remember is the interweaving of all elements: a wedding bouquet, a boutonniere, a dinner decoration, a photo zone and a welcome zone, wedding cake design, – everything should be combined and create a special mood that conveys your character, style, and personality. Have you already looked at your dream designs on Pinterest? Great, send it to us, and we will look at it, discuss it, and build a common design line. Are you looking for ideas from us? No problem at all; we have a catalog of ready-made and already tested decor solutions, all that remains is to choose a color scheme. Anyway, be open! The decorations are always our co-creators!

Technical support

These are the equipment of the wedding host and sound engineer, the equipment of musicians or DJs, and lighting at the venue. The importance of these items is difficult to overestimate! After all, photo and video shooting quality directly depend on professionally exposed light.

Imagine the standard restaurant lighting in the evening, but what if we have a drive on stage and a performance of cool bands? Lightning engineers are here to save us! They are the ones, the wizards, who create a certain atmosphere at every moment of the celebration!

Photo and video shooting

Here the saving is not acceptable at all. Memorable pictures and videos remain forever, so our specialists use only the most expensive and modern equipment, devoting a lot of time to post-processing, correction, and materials editing. A high-quality product requires professionalism and many years of experience. Aim for approximately 10% of your wedding budget.

Wedding planners

We are responsible, experienced, creative, empathetic people who take a large portion of worries and troubles in preparation and during the event:

• we take into account all your wishes;

• help with the development of the holiday concept;

• share experience;

• advise the best way;

• realize all your ideas in the best possible way;

• optimize the wedding budget.

Standard wedding agencies take 10-15% of the wedding budget.

And this is the spending that you will never regret!

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