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Wedding Cake: classic or creative?

Let's begin with a historical reference.

Even in ancient Rome, the groom used to break a barley pie over the bride's head to officially confirm their union.

Thousands of years later, Britain's Queen Victoria served up a gorgeous iced cake at her wedding party to celebrate her marriage to Prince Albert. This is the earliest example of a white wedding cake style that has remained a classic.

Her son Prince Leopold was the first in history to savor a completely edible tiered cake at his celebration in 1882.

Undoubtedly, wedding cakes with classic designs are timeless and organically fit into any place, decor, and style. But nowadays you can be waived from the usual to simplicity and elegance, or vice versa, make a wedding cake a piece of culinary art. Whatever you come up with, WG will find a bakery that will easily make your fantasies come to life!

Just remember, we are your facilitators: we can recommend, offer the options of the cakes, work with your Pinterest examples, or bring your vision to life. Most importantly, we are working with contractors who use only natural, fresh products and high quality ingredients. The taste will be as incredible as the look.

Cake flavor

Choosing the perfect wedding cake is a difficult task. The options are truly endless. From buttercream to ganache, from sugar flowers to live plants for decoration, from classic biscuits to “La Gioconda”.

We recommend choosing the flavor after you find out the theme of the wedding. There are different flavors for different seasons. For example, lemon would be a great option for a spring wedding, while strawberries would be perfect for a summer wedding. But in general, choose what you and the groom like more. Feel free to experiment with flavor combinations and glaze types. And certainly do not stop at one thing, create and have fun! We've compiled a list of the most popular wedding cake flavors to help you get inspired:

  • vanilla with buttercream frosting and raspberry jam;

  • Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting;

  • cream cheese glazed carrots with candied pecans;

  • dark chocolate with white chocolate butter icing;

  • lemon with vanilla buttercream stuffed with lemon curd;

  • pink champagne with Bavarian cream glaze with strawberries.

Wedding cake size

The perfect wedding cake size depends on the number of guests. Pastry chefs have verified that a three-tiered cake is designed for 50-100 guests. So depending on the size of your invite list, you can add tiers. Of course, not everyone eats sweets, someone will refuse this treat, but too little or too much can be a problem. Often the price of a cake must depend on the number of pieces, so take this into account when budgeting.

Wedding cake cutting

In traditional wedding ceremonies, the cake is cut after dinner has been served and the couple's first dance. This is a kind of non-verbal signal for those who do not plan to stay at the party. If only a buffet with snacks is provided, then all the guests have gathered in the hall. To make the process just as festive, choose a beautiful set of dishes, a knife, and a blade. Aesthetic nuances are important. You have to start cutting the cake from the bottom tier. Who will do this is up to you: the head of the new family, you are together with, a bridesmaid, or a trusted family friend. You can even ask the waiter to do it.

But still, a wedding cake is a classic, even if you add fantasy. But to really surprise guests and even save a budget, there is a delicious alternative – candy bars. These are macarons, donuts, croquembouche, lollipops, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, pies, cannoli, dessert shots, marshmallows, and in general all the variety of desserts that come to your mind. The main – don't forget to decorate the "sweet table" in the general style of the wedding.

We hope you take this advice and use it to prepare for the happy event. Either way, don't forget to enjoy! Enjoy your cake and remember that this long tradition will bless you with good luck and prosperity for years to come! Cheers!

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