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Wedding halls in Tbilisi

One of the most popular questions from our couples who are planning to get married in Tbilisi, how will the registry office look like? In addition, for most couples it is very important how the ceremony will go, what are the mandatory elements and what needs to be prepared for the civil marriage ceremony in Georgia?

Let's deal with everything in order!

So, in Tbilisi there are three main wedding halls and one special.

1. "Konka" registry office

It is impossible to start from another hall, because this is where it all began! Konka is the oldest and most authentic hall in Georgia, built in 1897! Cozy warm colors of the interior, carved wooden balconies entwined with grapes, royal stucco and all this surrounded by flowering gardens and intricate streets of the Old Town in Tbilisi. A truly unique place in the heart of the Old City of Tbilisi.

2. Registry office on Uznadze

The classic interior of the registry office on Uznadze conquers with its gentle tones, in addition, there are two halls for solemn ceremonies in this place. Uznadze Street is located on the Kura embankment, two minutes from the main attractions of the city - Rike Park and Metekhi Church.

3. House of Justice

The registry office at the House of Justice is an ideal choice for lovers of modern interiors and minimalism. The registry office is located right in the building of the House of Justice, which makes it a popular choice, while at the same time creating an excessive hype. And finally, the fourth, most unusual location is the Wedding Hall on Mtatsminda.

This place is not an official registry office, but a private hall provided for an additional rental fee. There are many advantages: the glass hall located in the park on Mount Mtatsminda creates a fabulous atmosphere, and if you complement it with a light buffet with champagne, live music and floral decor… A classic official ceremony will turn into a special, touching and intimate celebration!

It is important to remember that registry offices operate on a fixed schedule, so when choosing one, be sure to ask the wedding planner if the selected registry office is available on your desired date. It is advisable to book the hall at least 2 weeks before the celebration in order to be sure that the desired time and date are free.

As for the ceremony itself, registering a marriage in Tbilisi is a simple and lovely procedure. There is no dress code or mandatory exchange of rings or vows, everything is just your choice! Arrange a wedding in jeans, or a fluffy dress and tailcoat, dance the first dance or exchange touching promises - the choice is yours! The main thing is that on this memorable day you will be in an amazingly beautiful city, in the heart of our captivating Georgia, and we will take care of everything else for you!

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