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Wedding in Georgia for EU residents

Wedding in Georgia for citizens and residents of the European Union

Can foreigners from EU countries get married in Georgia?

Of course yes! Because love knows no boundaries!

But seriously, Georgia is so beautiful and hospitable that it is becoming increasingly popular as one of the centers of wedding tourism. Welcome, citizens and residents of the European Union! Georgia is the ideal place to register your marriage quickly and without any hassle. We are happy to assist you with this, taking care of all the necessary legal issues and communicating with the government agencies. After all, a wedding is an exciting event in itself, but when it comes to getting married in another country, stress levels can skyrocket. It can be difficult to understand the legal nuances and bureaucratic system, especially if you do not know the language. By delegating the complex preparatory processes to us, you will only need to visit Georgia on the day of marriage registration.

The law guarantees the right of foreigners to marry and divorce citizens of Georgia, as well as persons of any nationality. A marriage certificate obtained here is recognized all over the world. The Apostille Convention, of which Georgia is a member, guarantees a simplified procedure for document certification. This means that a marriage certificate with translation and apostille is legal in all member countries of the convention, which comprises over 120 countries.  Georgian state registrars do not require licenses, medical certificates, confirmation of EU resident status, or birth certificates.

You will only need:

- Your passports; 

- Two witnesses (also with foreign passports, if they are not citizens of Georgia). If necessary, we can invite witnesses for you; 

- A certified divorce certificate, if there was a previous marriage.  

To get married in Georgia you need to:  

- Make a notarized translation of all documents into Georgian; 

- Apply at the Justice House; 

- Pay the state fee; 

- Receive confirmation of the possibility of legitimizing your relationship; 

- Personally attend the ceremony and sign the form to receive the marriage certificate. 

After the official registration, all that remains is to obtain a marriage certificate with an apostille and a certified translation. Please note that you still will have to notify the state registry of your country about the marriage. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the embassy or authorized authorities in your country in advance and find out the full procedure.

Regarding the unofficial part of the significant event, we plan everything during the discussion: transfers, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, stylists, makeup artists, photo and video shoots, recommendations on tourist routes, and signature tours. All you have to do is choose a date and buy flight tickets. 

You will not regret it if you choose Georgia to register your marriage. It is a charming country where the mountains meet the sea, where endless vineyards delight the eye with the upcoming harvest. Its entire culture is imbued with ancient history, and national hospitality will steal into your very heart and remain there forever. That’s why wedding ceremonies here are simply magical! 

For you, registering a marriage in Georgia is the simplest procedure in the world!  And we will be with you at every stage.

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