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Wedding in Tbilisi or outdoors?

A wedding is a dizzying event, one of the most memorable in the life of any person. A slight thrill in anticipation and warm memories after. That is why the choice of the venue for the wedding ceremony is always given so much attention. But here we are lucky: Georgia is delightfully beautiful, Georgians are extremely hospitable and sympathetic, and Georgian traditions are unshakable. Therefore, any corner of the incredibly beautiful Sakartvelo can become the venue for the celebration.

Tbilisi is the heart, love and wisdom of the ancient people. The city is beautiful at any time of the year. Even its air is saturated with beauty, freedom and romance. Cozy cafes, cool restaurants, lush banquet halls, open areas with ancient and modern architecture at the same time. There is everything to realize the most incredible ideas. That is why Tbilisi is the choice of many for wedding ceremonies. But some of our couples are interested in how you can be in nature while saving energy, time and money. We have compiled a selection of amazing places just an hour from Tbilisi.

Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Sakartvelo, is still our top recommendation in locations close to the city with beautiful mountain and river views. Centuries-old Christian churches will be used for wedding ceremonies, and grandiose architecture will complement the impression of Georgian culture. Official registration takes place at the Wedding Palace in the city center, and magnificent wedding photos can be taken on a mountaintop near Jvari, a temple of the 7th century, against the backdrop of the confluence of the two rivers Kura and Aragvi. The photoshoot will be complemented by a walk along the cobbled streets of the old city and dinner in one of the cozy restaurants with excellent Georgian wine.

Bazaleti Lake. A cozy place near the city where you can organize a dinner in nature and a Provence style ceremony. The lake is surrounded by a forest with clean healing air and beautiful sunrise and sunset landscapes. You will like it here at any time of the year, so feel free to choose the Bazaleti location!

Sabaduri is a fabulous forest with landscapes for beautiful photo shoots. At any time of the year, the spirit is captured by the riot of colors, clean air and the luxury of Georgian nature. Green or snow-covered glades, spreading crowns of trees, singing of birds or the sonorous crunch of branches add mystery and romanticism to the atmosphere of your holiday. The ceremonies held here acquire a special fairy note, and the highlights of the surroundings will be exquisite wedding decor and live music!

Kojori is a village half an hour drive from Tbilisi with gorgeous views. The place is not for a classic celebration, but holding a ceremony against the backdrop of dizzying rocks is a wonderful option. Especially in the summer when you want to escape from the noisy and stuffy city. The nature here is pure and untouched, and the magic of the Georgian mountains is already felt in full force. For this place we recommend images of boho, country, and rustic.

The Tbilisi Sea, or rather a lake, is a great place to hold an outdoors ceremony against the backdrop of a calm water surface and coniferous forest. Despite the artificial origin, this is a great option for a celebration within the city. Here you can also have a wedding dinner or go sailing in one of the stylish establishments on the coast. If you go up to the Chronicle of Georgia monument, you will get wonderful photos against the backdrop of the endless panorama of Tbilisi.

The advantages of natural locations near the city are undeniable. We will support any of your choices and help make your wedding not just a holiday, but also a very pleasant, warm and magical memory.

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