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Wedding in the mountains of Gudauri-Kazbegi: how to prepare?

The short answer to this question is: thoroughly, responsibly, creatively, and enthusiastically!

But seriously, a wedding in the mountains is an enjoyable destination for bold and stylish couples who appreciate the beauty of nature and extraordinary solutions. Just imagine: you make vows to each other with a view of the majestic snow-capped Caucasian peaks, fantastic live panorama unfolds before your eyes, changing with each new ray of the sun, with each new cloud descending to the top.

A wedding in the mountains is a passion and freedom. It is a beauty and authentic. And if you select this option, we congratulate you! First, with a bold and responsible step towards a happy life. And secondly, with the ideal choice of country for celebrating such an important event. Indeed, in Georgia, the mountains are beautiful in any season, and the practice of outdoor ceremonies is rich and optimized.

What do you need to know, what to pay attention to, and how to prepare for a wedding in the Caucasus mountains?

Traditionally, our couples choose a chamber format, inviting only their closest friends and relatives. Frequently, a feast of up to 50 people allows you to be mobile in planning and meet even a tight budget.

The trend of recent years is "wedding for two." Only you and the mountains, monumental witnesses of your union! Even so, preparation is essential. Let's see more in detail.


Choosing a site for the ceremony is a big part. The road to this place should be easy and pleasant, the decoration should be installed considering the angle that opens the best views of natural landscapes and the angle of the sun during the ceremony. Unfortunately, forgetting about this, you risk getting overexposed shots, and guests and newlyweds will have to squint from the scorching sun.


The road from the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, to the Gudauri-Kazbegi region takes 2-4 hours, depending on the chosen location and season. It is the most important factor in preparing the timing. If you are planning a celebration with guests and a rich program, we recommend spending the night before the wedding in the hotel in Gudauri or Kazbegi. So you can sleep peacefully, get ready, have breakfast, and be in a good mood and a perfect shape on your magical day. After all, the bride should shine, so our stylist's team will arrive earlier to make your radiance will be unsurpassed!

Wedding dresses

Convenience is the main rule because the charm of wild nature includes the absence of sidewalks and red carpets. Forget about heels, overweight corsets, and neat styling. Run through the mountains in a herd of sheep, allowing the fragrant wind to play with your curls. Spinning in a dance in a light sundress or fitted playful dress... That's what a wedding in the mountains means!

Wedding dinner and ceremony decor

Undoubtedly, nature is the best decorator, but a few touches and accents are necessary to create a special atmosphere. Classical round arches, light asymmetric designs with bright accents, and timeless boho are combined with mountain landscapes. Turning an ordinary family dinner into a solemn and charismatic one is easy also: flower arrangements, lots of candles, or a fragrant eucalyptus runner – you choose!


How magical are the covers of modern hits arranged by an instrumental quartet, or perhaps you like the poignant melodies of Georgian polyphony? Whatever you choose, dancing hand in hand against the background of the fading sunset of the incredible Caucasus mountains is a dream that cannot be abandoned!

Love each other, say the vows, and come to the Georgian mountains for beauty and romance!

We will wait for you!

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