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A wedding in Georgia is a dream come true by the most professional specialists in the wedding industry. The best stylists, photographers, videographers and decorators of Georgia work in our team. We have one common passion for Georgia and the creation of the unique wedding events. And we will be happy to share this passion with you!
Your wedding planner will be the magician who will turn the wedding ceremony in Georgia into an unforgettable and exciting adventure!

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We will select a unique location for your wedding day: from an exquisite outdoor ceremony in the Gudauri mountains to a touching and romantic photo session in the heart of old Tbilisi, from a family-style wedding in the vineyards of Kakheti to a stylish wedding ceremony for two on the seashore in Batumi. Dreaming of a retro wedding at the Mukhrani castle or an extravagant costume ceremony in the cave city of Uplistsikhe? Or maybe your wedding is a boho party with a punch in a secret corner of Georgia - Anaklia? It's easy to dream with us!


To create weddings in Georgia is our vocation!

Our wedding planner will become your friend, and the organization of the wedding will turn into a joyful and inspiring process! Georgia is a country of open hearts, generosity and hospitality! Therefore, we meet our newlyweds in the best Georgian traditions: from the best service to a sincere friendship. The most precious moments of our weddings are your words of gratitude, happy smiles and warm memories.
Therefore, on this page, we share our couples' heartfelt reviews about their wedding in Georgia!

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Official marriage registration in Georgia

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Georgia gives its guests another unique opportunity: here you can register an official marriage easily, quickly and without unnecessary hassle! A marriage certificate issued in Georgia is recognized all over the world. We will help you with the organization of your official wedding ceremony - we will make sure that all documents are translated and notarized on time, and you just enjoy your amazing and colorful honeymoon trip! The prices for the services of a wedding organization in Georgia will pleasantly surprise you, and the speed and simplicity of your organizer's work will eliminate all doubts.

Our professional international lawyer will advise you free of charge on the timing, procedures, required documents and legalization procedures for your country. At the moment, among our satisfied clients who registered marriage in Georgia were citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, France, UAE, Qatar, Israel, Egypt, the Philippines and many other foreign jurisdictions.

We are a Wedding in Georgia Team and we are inspired to create your perfect Wedding Day!

How we will meet you? First from congratulations! Because you are so lucky to find your soulmate and so wise to consider Georgia as your wedding destination! Then we will suggest you to talk more, we will listen to your dreams and share our extensive experience in the wedding planning industry. What we enjoy about Georgia the most is the diversity of wedding location, we will tell you about our TOP venues and special characteristics of them. You should know about the different climate zones in Georgia, about different regions and Georgian landscapes, about welcoming hotels, chateaus, wineries! We appreciate your time and will suggest you only selected and highly recommended wedding professionals. With our care, you will get married in Georgia without any stress!

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Wedding in Kakheti


on the lake

Amazing trip to Georgian lake - the hidden gem of Kakheti and the perfect background for your wedding day! Our wedding agency will care about your wonderful emotions! Planning the wedding abroad could be tricky, but our wedding agency Wedding in Georgia will reduce all stress and give happiness!


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in vineyards

Do you like Georgian wine? How do you feel about your wedding day in the home winery with a romantic "Tuscana" atmosphere? We will easily create your unique Georgian story! That will be a wedding with a taste of Georgian wine! As a gift, our wedding host will conduct the wine ceremony!


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Marriage registration in Signagi

City of love, Georgian Las Vegas... All this about Signagi! Here you can register your marriage 24/7. But should have the documents fully prepared, translated and certified by a notary. If you want to save your money and reduce stress, we can help you to manage this!


Wedding in Gudauri


mountains wedding

Mountains, Georgia and love! We believe that no trials are subject to real feelings, and only those who are sincerely in love can conquer the inaccessible Georgian mountains! And if you say your wedding vows against the backdrop of these eternal mountains, your senses will easily melt this ice!


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Wedding ceremony in the mountains

We will develop an individual wedding image for you, and the best Georgian wedding decorators will create your dream wedding arch! Wedding in Gudauri, dinner with a view of the mountains and a ritual wedding ceremony with musical accompaniment... For our wedding agency, the word "no" does not exist!



Wedding on the terrace with mountain view

The best spa hotels in Georgia, photo and video shooting, all transfers and no hidden fees! All this in the wedding package "Wedding on the hotel terrace with the view of the mountains". Feel like the heroes of the legendary movie "Serenade of the Sun Valley", and our wedding planners will take care of the rest!


Wedding in Tbilisi


Wedding in
Old Tbilisi


A wedding with a Georgian flavor is easy! Imagine the cozy cobbled streets of Old Tbilisi, soulful restaurants with homemade wine, the amazing Abanotubani and Sololaki districts, keeping the legends of outstanding love stories. The spirit of the Old City will fill and inspire you, and your wedding day in the capital of Georgia will become a golden page in the annals of your love! In addition, there are three registry offices in Tbilisi, where you can get an official marriage any day of the week!



wedding ceremony in Mtskheta

The ancient capital of Georgia is an amazing and mysterious Mtskheta! Two rivers - Kura and Aragvi merge into one symbolizing the fusion of two souls. It would be difficult to imagine a more romantic landscape for an outdoor wedding ceremony! And most importantly, the official state registrar will also be able to come here and hold an official marriage registration ceremony, as well as issue a marriage certificate!



Tbilisi sea

There are many sights in Tbilisi, each of which is an amazing history and relic of the Georgian people! Monument to the history of Georgia - one of them, these are the majestic columns erected on the mountain near the Tbilisi Sea - an artificial reservoir, which is the main artery of the city. A wedding photo session in Tbilisi can be truly unforgettable! Text to Wedding in Georgia team to get more info!



Express your individuality, tell the story of your couple, using the whole palette of colors and gamut of feelings, develop an individual script, create images for you and your guests, compose an individual menu taking into account the most sophisticated tastes and make your wedding in Georgia the brightest event of the year in the memory of hundreds of guests?... Yes, easy! Trust us with your most daring and daring ideas and we will bring them to life!

Our arsenal includes not only wedding business professionals and experts in Georgian history and culture but also professional scriptwriters and directors. We can turn your wedding day in Georgia into a real adventure: from a costumed knightly ballad to a romantic black and white movie!


If you are planning your wedding in Georgia, then you will definitely need the advice of an expert in the wedding industry, an experienced professional, a wedding organizer who will share the secrets of choosing wedding contractors, the subtleties and peculiarities of choosing locations, the seasonal differences of the regions of Georgia, wedding traditions, rituals and nuances of ceremonies.

What music to choose for a wedding, how to understand the details of the Georgian menu, and what hotels in Georgia can provide a European, vegetarian, or, for example, kosher menu?

And the most burning question: is it possible to have time to register an official marriage in Georgia in a week, hold an original wedding ceremony in the mountains, organize an excursion for guests and leave with a marriage registration certificate translated from Georgian and fully legalized for your country?
First of all, YES! All this is possible, but in order to manage all the "33 cases", choose reliable and responsible contractors and stay on schedule ... you will need a reliable assistant and companion - a wedding organizer in Georgia.

In my blog you will find many valuable, concrete and practical tips for planning your own wedding in Georgia. Besides, I am always ready to share my knowledge about Georgia and the intricacies of the wedding industry.


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Say "Yes!" in Georgia!

A wedding in Georgia is the best start for your family life!

A country of hospitality and dizzying feats, a country that gave the world wine and inspired hundreds of poets and writers,

a country that conquered our hearts! Organization of weddings in Georgia is our passion. We value your time, save your nerves and sincerely believe that on your wedding day you should only take care of enjoying the best and brightest event

in your life!

Trust our wedding planners and you will find that a stress-free wedding in another country is easy. For our couples, we never have the words "not possible". We work with different budgets, but our prices for wedding services are always reasonable and transparent.
Welcome to Georgia. Dreams come true here!

With love, your soulmate wedding agency
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