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Georgia as a country for marriage registration

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Georgia is a perfect country for the wedding and romantic trip! And here are 10 reasons why: 

✅ In Georgia there are no restrictions on the nationality of the newlyweds! Hearts of lovers from different parts of the world here can unit forever! 

✅ To get married you will only need your passports! You do not need any additional references or confirmations. 

✅ The procedure for registering a marriage is very fast! You will receive a certificate of marriage registration at the same day. 

✅ Variety of nature. Snow-covered mountains, crystal lakes, rich vineyards, fantastic canyons and waterfalls and, of course, the sea ... all these riches are in Georgia and they can become a unique background for your wedding ceremony or just a Love story photo shoot. 

✅ Affordable prices and worthy service. Wedding in Georgia will cost you much cheaper than in Europe, and the uniqueness of the Georgian land will surpass all expectations! 

✅ Georgian hospitality. You will definitely fall in love with this country, its amazing people with open hearts, their generosity and friendliness will fill your trip with warm and cheerful memories! 

✅ Georgian cuisine. If you are gourmets, wine lovers or just appreciate delicious food - Georgia will subdue you! And we will prepare for you a sensational gastro-tour! 

✅ Shopping. Aged wine, original spices, local sweets with oriental accent, unique handmade jewelry and original outfits from the famous masters of the fashion industry of Georgia are just a small part of what you can take with you from the country of sun and wine! 

✅ Culture and art of Georgia. The most famous puppet theater in the world, unique museums and exhibitions of masterpieces of painting, original architecture, the opportunity to touch fantastic musical life of the country ... All this will make your trip unforgettable! 

✅ WG: Wedding in Georgia will tell you and show you the most amazing places, organize the wedding ceremony of your dreams and easily solve all the formalities for your wedding trip to Georgia to become the most joyful and romantic event in your life!

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