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Why Georgia?

Firstly, Georgia is a small country with an incredible nature that lurks at the junction of Europe and Asia. According to legend, when God distributed the lands to the peoples, the Georgians came late. When God asked where they were, they replied that they drank wine and toasted Him. Then God decided to give them the land that he had hidden for himself. Since then, the Georgian people have been living on God's land.

Sakartvelo, as Georgians call their country, is a place that takes your breath away. The majestic Caucasus Mountains, the boundless Black Sea, amazing ridges and steppes, the Alazani Valley - and these are not all the natural attractions of Georgia. In addition, the country has a very pleasant and comfortable climate, no matter what time of year you come, you will have a great time and unforgettable moments. Thanks to the rich landscape of Georgia, it is an ideal place for a wedding for every taste.

Secondly, Georgia is like the second Las Vegas. You will be able to register your marriage in just a few hours. There are a huge number of civil registry offices in the country, striking with their amazing beauty and architecture. The Batumi registry office is one of the most beautiful places for the official registration of marriage in the world. In the city of love of Sighnaghi there is a round-the-clock registry office where you can register a marriage literally at any time.

Thirdly, in Georgia there is a captivatingly delicious cuisine and a world-famous wine. Just imagine the abundance of real Georgian khinkali, khachapuri, kebabs, phali and other national dishes. You will definitely not stay hungry. As for wine, where can it be better, if not in its Homeland. Winemaking was born in Saqartvelo many hundreds years ago and the unique way of making wine in Kvevri is listed in the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage List. Delicious food and great wine in total is the key to having an amazing time.

Fourth, it is the hospitality that Georgians are famous for. In the country, any guest is treated as a messenger of God. Absolutely everyone is welcome here, regardless of gender, nationality, religion and political views. You will be happy to be invited to a feast to taste Georgian national dishes and homemade wine.

We are sure that Georgia will not leave anyone indifferent, and we will help you organize the wedding of your dreams.

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