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Wedding ceremony in Gudauri

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Let's dream! Close your eyes.

The most beloved and most beautiful person holds your hand. Wonderful music sounds, with which your happy relationship began. You say the most important words to each other, promise to love, trust, give and accept with gratitude, be together and forever. Your story becomes a chronicle of love from this moment and the sun-drenched Caucasus Mountains become witnesses of your vows. The words take on special meaning at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, and the wedding ceremony becomes truly fabulous!

Do you like this fantasy? If you do, open your eyes and welcome to Georgia!

To a country where mountains are beautiful year-round. Here your celebration will acquire a special charm and mood on a warm lush green lawn framed by rocky slopes, if you decide to come here in spring or summer. If you come in winter, then breathe in the fresh frosty air and dance the background of snowflakes sparkling like small diamonds.

The mountains of Georgia are a real asset. Gudauri is the most profitable and suitable option for a wedding ceremony. Firstly, there is only 2 hours’ drive from warm Tbilisi. Secondly, this is one of the few places in Georgia where you can carry out the official registration of marriage outside. Thirdly, an extensive selection of hotels with dizzying views from windows and terraces. Please choose from Monte Hotel, Alpina Hotel, Gudauri Inn and many others.

Do you prefer a symbolic holiday? We can do it. Our host will prepare an individual script, introduce you to the wedding traditions and rituals of Georgia. We will open to you the amazing pages of the history of the Caucasus Mountains, which will be the first in the book of your love!

Do you want to seal your family ties with the state seal in the field? No problems! We’d love to paper formalities and organize off-site official registration with a representative of the registry office right in the mountains, in any location! It will be a wonderful ceremony! Moreover, eco-wedding is the trend of the season. The purest mountain air, amazing landscapes, birdsong and a soft carpet of grass and flowers. Here you can install an elegant arch, put chairs, connect light music, and organize a buffet. The only difficulty is the unpredictability of the weather. In winter the fabulous story is more suitable for a gorgeous photo shoot against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

There is an alternative option - the hotel terrace, if you prefer special comfort and want to protect yourselves from the vagaries of the weather. Here we will connect professional music and lighting equipment, the restaurant will organize a wedding dinner and a buffet, in warm and cozy rooms you and your guests can slowly prepare for the celebration. There is no need for a transfer and wasting time. This option is more expensive than a party in nature, but more convenient, comfortable and civilized.

The most important is that we take care of all the arrangements and preparation for one of the best and happiest days of your life. The script, all the arrangements and formalities, the transfer - we take into account all your wishes. We are ready for any weather: if it rains, your guests will have super beautiful stylish umbrellas, if it snows, then we will make a snowy tale for you, protect you with awnings and warm you with warm tea.

We are ready to create for you the most sincere and intimate holiday regardless of the season, each of which is amazingly picturesque, in the most beautiful mountains of Gudauri!

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