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The color of the mood is freshness!

The PANTONE Color Institute has identified the trendiest color for a 2021 wedding. Over the past year, we were all very tired of staring at four walls and of the lack of the opportunity to have fun in nature. Apparently, that’s why the main color trends of spring-summer are shades of green foliage, wood, fresh earth, sea waves, golden sand and rich sunset.

Only a few people make the decision about the actual colors of the year, but they are all in art and fashion, so there is no point in not trusting their taste. Moreover, they perfectly understand: we need to cheer up more than ever, fill life with positivity and beauty, and bring us out of protracted isolation. And best of all, bright, saturated, natural colors of the sky, water, feathers of birds will cope with this. Such a palette will definitely return positive, fill with inspiration and give freedom of creativity.

Young couples in love, eager to tie their destinies, and wedding organizers have plenty to choose from for the design of the most important celebration. It remains to expand the boundaries of consciousness, connect the imagination and decide which of the trends of 2021 your wedding will match. Let's do it!

So the color. Warm and soothing marigold color. Relaxing azure. Delicate shade of rust. An optimistic and cheerful color of illumination (sunlight). French blue. Mint green shade – green ash. Already familiar and natural burnt coral. Absolutely gray, which is reassuring and gives solidity. Desert fog. The color of the slightly wilted grass is willow. Each of these fashionable shades perfectly matches with rich colors and can become both a dominant note in the overall style of your celebration, and a gentle accompaniment in a light holiday atmosphere.

The wedding format does not have to connect to any particular style, as before. Boho, provence, vintage or classic – you can choose whatever. The main thing is that it responds to your inner state and looks harmonious. We will organize any option for your happiness! But since we are talking about the trends of this year, then lush festivities are replaced by chamber and atmospheric celebrations. Indoor restaurants prefer outdoor ceremonies. And the importance of traditions comes to the fore. Therefore, we recommend considering an eco-wedding, rustic style. Moreover, in Georgia, wherever you look, there is a platform for such a fashion trend.

A few words about the look of the newlyweds. In 2021, the bride will look gorgeous in pastel colors of the current palette, but with a bright accent in the form of a bow on the dress or a wreath of wildflowers on her head. The groom is better off dressing up in a rich blue, brown or green suit. Show his solidity and confidence, so to say.

The wedding decor should be made of natural materials, as close as possible to the bosom of nature. The imagination is endless: fruits and vegetables, ears, flowers, wooden elements, grapevines and berries, colorful ribbons fluttering in the wind, living plants in pots. Everything should be simple and beautiful. Fancy and tacky ceremonies have sunk into oblivion. More lightness and naturalness!

Please, PM us. We will listen, discuss, advise, invent and organize the best and most fashionable day for you!

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