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Wedding for citizens of Ukraine in Georgia

Georgia is a popular destination for wedding tourism due to its rich culture, beautiful nature, and simplified marriage registration scheme. The simplified marriage registration scheme made it also attractive for wedding tourism.

For many Ukrainian citizens, Georgia has become a second home today. There are no obstacles to love: people meet, people fall in love and get married…

The WG team has held many unforgettable weddings for couples from Ukraine and mixed couples, moreover, we will be happy to greet you in Ukrainian language, and set up a ceremony and a festive dinner with Ukrainian flavor and generosity!

We offer a range of options for wedding locations, from historical temples to secluded beaches on the Black Sea coast. A wedding celebration can be organized either outdoors or in one of the cozy Tbilisi restaurants. And it doesn't matter what cuisine you prefer. Georgian chefs can do everything: khinkali and dumplings, khachapuri and perepichki, kebabs and roasts, accompanied by unsurpassed Georgian wine and Ukrainian gorilka.

We can organize an outdoor ceremony or official ceremonial registration. We have many standard packages, but we are always open to discussion and personal orders.

If you haven't had time to prepare your wedding dresses, don't worry. We will help with this too.

We can also offer:

make-up artist services;

decoration of the ceremony hall;

transfers for guests;

photo and video shooting;

musical accompaniment;

presenter/toastmaster in Ukrainian/Russian/English.

We will draw up the holiday program together. We will take into account all your dreams and wishes.

Do you want a wedding loaf with embroidered towels in the best Ukrainian traditions? We will organize it!

For those wishing to hold a wedding, Georgia provides unique opportunities. You can choose a church immersed in the greenery of the mountains or an ancient tower with a rich history. It is important to contact the church in advance and find out all the details of the service.

Legal registration of marriage in Georgia for citizens of Ukraine is a quick and simple process, especially if you entrust it to professionals!

To submit an application at the House of Justice you will need:

1. If you are getting married for the first time, there are only passports required.

2. If you were married before, we will need your passports and divorce certificates.

There is an agreement that has been concluded between Georgia and Ukraine on a simplified procedure for accepting documents, so no additional hassle, certifications, or apostilles will be needed!

We will translate all documents in advance, notarize them, and if necessary, provide witnesses and help you draw up a wedding contract!

A marriage certificate issued in Georgia is initially in the Georgian language. We will prepare for you a notarized translation into Ukrainian, and instruct you on further actions for recognition of the document in Ukraine, changing your last name, and other procedural actions.

As you can see, we provide absolute support at every stage of registering your marriage. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of lawyers is always available to provide a free consultation.

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