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Wedding in Georgia or Georgian wedding?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Let’s talk about your wedding concept. What do you like? Classical and simple wedding ceremony for your close friends and relatives? Crazy and fun disco-party at the seaside with your friends? Cocktail party with the cover band? Warm and comfy home-style celebration in the old chateau with own vineyards and collection winery? Posh ceremony at the lake in the luxury SPA-hotel with a relaxing weekend escape? Extreme wedding with paragliding or rafting? The mountain view ceremony with mulled wine and jazz singer? A religious ceremony in the church with a traditional wedding dinner? 

We should stop, but you shouldn’t please, don’t stop your imagination! We will never limit your dreams with some package borders. We will be your co-dreamers and co-creators! 

But we should tell you about one important thing. Here in Georgia, we can create for you European or Arabic style party, we can reflect any of your national characteristics and also we can avoid it in a very open international way celebration. So, a wedding in Georgia doesn’t mean Georgian style wedding. But it could have some elements of traditional Georgian wedding. At least we’d like to suggest it to you. 

First of all, it will be an immersion into Georgian culture and art which is really impressive. So, your wedding will be very cognitive for your guests. 
What exactly we can suggest adding to your wedding program as a part of Georgian culture discovering? 

1.Georgian dances and dance master-class for your guests. 
Usually, the dance program consists of 4-6 traditional dances in different colorful costumes. 
Then your guests can try to study some simple moves and dance together with our professional dancers! Fun is guaranteed!

2. Georgian singers. 
Oh, there’s really impressive! try to listen to some tracks on youtube and you will fall in love! The minimum we are inviting 4 singers and their act as polyphony ensemble. They have romantic and energetic songs so we will receive full specter of emotions from their performance.

3. Georgia food. 
Paradise exists. We can talk about Georgian food forever, but it’s better one time to try it. Georgian cuisine is a simple, but stylish. Vegetarians will appreciate salads and pkhali (bolls from different vegetables wit walnuts and butter), gebjalia - baked cheese. Rich meat menu with different herbs and sauces will definitely impress you.

4. Georgian wine. 
Georgia is famous for its natural, selective and tasty wine. Here exist more than 500 sorts of wine. 
In addition, if you come to Georgia in October you can go to Rtveli - the harvest festival and participate in the biggest Georgian traditional celebration!

5. Georgian national dresses. 
Georgian designers are creating great things! They mix modern trends with traditional elements of wedding dress and suit. 
You can rent the dress or order an individual one.

We will be happy to open for you the world of Georgian traditions!

Welcome to Georgia! 

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