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2021: Time to travel again!

"We booked a wedding trip to Georgia!"

Sounds like a fairytale!

After a year's sleep, the world is slowly reviving. Let us remind you that Georgia has already opened air routes for citizens of all countries with a document confirming the completion of a full course of vaccination (2 doses). Also, the citizens of the EU member states and the listed below countries are welcome:

  • Israel,

  • Turkey,

  • Switzerland,

  • Norway,

  • USA,

  • Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

  • Saudi Arabia,

  • Qatar,

  • United Arab Emirates,

  • Bahrain,

  • Armenia,

  • Azerbaijan,

  • Ukraine,

  • Kazakhstan,

  • Russia,

  • Belarus,

  • Uzbekistan,

  • Tajikistan,

  • Kyrgyzstan,

  • Turkmenistan.

The conditions for citizens of these countries are as follows:

  • Travel is directly from these countries.

  • The presence of a certificate of a negative result of a PCR-examination conducted 72 hours before travel to Georgia.

  • Passing the second PCR-examination at your own expense on the 3rd day of stay in the country.

  • Filling out a special application form on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia before crossing the border. It contains the travel history for the last 14 days and contact information:

Тhe guests who have traveled to the UK and Northern Ireland in the past 14 days are placed in mandatory quarantine for 12 days after entry. In this case, you don’t need to present a PCR examination and do it on the 3rd day of your stay in Georgia.

Our kind advice: please, buy the tickets in advance. The season is already started, and we want your celebration in the land of delicious food and sky-high mountains will take place in time and with no rush!

If you have a vaccination certificate, we recommend translating it into English so that there are no questions at customs. If there is no certificate, then a PCR test is sufficient and in English with a stamp and QR code. On the third day of your stay in the country, you have to do a second test at any of the clinics on this list

We recommend saving the result, you may be asked for it upon departure. The cost of the test is 100-150 GEL ($30-45).

And now you have curtained all formalities and you can enjoy your vacation finally! The restaurants, cinemas, and museums are already opened for dear guests!

The ancient spirit of Georgian freedom is waiting for everyone! And the team of WG: Wedding in Georgia is ready to organize a wonderful celebration for you with enthusiasm and love.

You will never forget this trip!

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