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Fabulous region of Georgia - Samegrelo

Today we will go to the unique region of Georgia - Samegrelo. It is a coastal region located in the west of the country. Samegrelo is distinguished by its untouched nature, ancient monuments, traditions and archaeological artifacts.

The capital of the region is Zugdidi - one of the largest cities in Georgia, combining the peace of mind-blowing nature and the bustle of the city. Zugdidi is also rich in architectural sights.

One of the main ones is the palace of the princely family Dadiani, built in 1840. 10 years later, Prince David Dadiani opened a museum here, where to this day you can enjoy collections of ancient objects, paintings and other beautiful works of art. The total number of exhibits exceeds 50,000 exhibits dating from the 1st century BC to the 19th century of the modern era, including the library of Napoleon.

Weddings played here have a special "royal" atmosphere. In addition, the palace is surrounded by charming natural structures that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Namely, a Botanical garden with an area of over 25 hectares. It was created by the wife of Prince David Dadiani Ekaterina. Plants from all over the world are collected here, even some of the rarest.

Thus, the palace of the princely family of Dadiani with its surroundings can be an excellent venue for a wedding ceremony and a photo shoot.

Another attraction associated with the princely family of Dadiani is their summer residence in the village of Salkhino. This place is one of the most popular for weddings in Samegrelo. A unique technology of making “Ojaleshi” wine was developed here, which is very rare for this region of Georgia. Thanks to this, you can participate in a wine tasting. The wine prepared here is stored in wooden barrels. So, Salkhino is another place in Georgia striking with its beauty and uniqueness.

One of the most famous natural attractions of Georgia is the Martville Canyon. The water here is amazingly clear and emerald-colored, surrounded by high cliffs and waterfalls. It is impossible not to admire the beauty, grandeur and uniqueness of this place! And how beautiful are the wedding photo shoots in the canyon!

The Samegrelo region also has a seaside resort, so if you want a wedding by the sea, then Anaklia can be an excellent option. The city began to develop relatively recently, but rapidly. The beach here is sandy, and the sea is blue-colored. A great contribution to the popularity of the city was made by the famous Spanish architect Alberto Domingo, namely his buildings. He has developed projects for the resort's waterfront line and coastal facilities. His most famous work for Anaklia is the longest pedestrian bridge in Europe across the Inguri River. There are several premium-class hotel complexes here. In summer, various music festivals are often held here, so in Anaklia you can not only enjoy the sea sunsets and nature, but also find entertainment for every taste.

Thus, Samegrelo is a great place for a wedding. Our team will be happy to organize a celebration for you in this fabulous region!

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