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Marriage registration at Tbilisi Public service hall for foreigners

The House of Justice in Tbilisi, as well as in most other cities of Georgia, is not only a place where you can easily and quickly resolve any official issue (be it registering a marriage, opening a company, buying or selling real estate, obtaining citizenship, etc.), but also real sightseeing! The architectural form also determined the informal name - the “mushroom” building attracts the attention of tourists both day and night.

However, the institution's working hours are limited - from Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We do not recommend delaying your visit until the last hour; sometimes the lines of visitors are huge there!

Important note! The House of Justice (Public service hall), like all registration halls, is closed on public holidays. Be sure to check the actual Georgian public calendar before planning your trip. So, let's return to the procedure for submitting documents and applying for marriage registration. Foreign citizens wishing to register a marriage in Georgia must come to submit an application with original documents and notarized translations. The list of documents and requirements is described in detail in our article. The presence of witnesses with original documents is mandatory if they are also non-residents of Georgia, but if you have chosen citizens of Georgia as witnesses, it will be enough to have a photo of their passport or other identity document.

Some of the managers of the House of Justice speak English well, but again, we recommend not relying on luck, but enlisting the help of an accompanying person who knows Georgian language.

Submission of documents is carried out according to the principle of an electronic queue; the waiting time depends on the number of visitors and can vary from several minutes to several hours. So we recommend having the whole day in reserve for the process.

At the moment, two marriage registration services are offered in Georgia - with and without a ceremony. If a ceremony is not needed, the marriage registration document will be issued before the end of the working day; consideration of the application usually takes from 2 to 5 hours. No need to wait on-site! You can walk around the city, enjoy the famous Georgian cuisine, or have a photo shoot in the love story style, because this is your special day!

As soon as you receive a message about the decision made (there have been no refusals in our practice, so we are setting you up for the best), you can return to the House of Justice and pick up your marriage certificate! Congratulations - you are officially married! The certificate is very beautiful, but unfortunately, it will be difficult to read and check the information in it without knowing Georgian! But don’t worry, during the subsequent legalization of the marriage document, a translation and all the necessary attestations will be prepared.

If you want to emphasize the importance and solemnity of the moment, your choice is to register your marriage with a ceremony. You can choose one of the wedding halls in Tbilisi. In addition, in this case, the marriage can be formalized on a weekend. HERE you can see the options for registry offices (wedding halls) in Tbilisi, as well as find out what exactly will happen during the official wedding ceremony. Recommendation from wedding organizers - take care of the memories, because a wedding ceremony in Georgia is a beautiful and memorable event, a photographer and videographer will help you preserve it, and stylists and florists will be happy to complete the perfect picture. Our packages include all service options - from simple marriage registration to a colorful celebration.

Whether you choose a service with a ceremony or without a ceremony, we will always be happy to answer all your questions, advise and review documents for submission. And all this is completely free! Book your consultation now!

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